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Diary of a Game: Day 61
As promised, this release contains: Grappling hooks! Player death! Apart from that, there’s a basic score UI, and I’ve fixed the Windows and Linux builds (t...
1 file — 0.4.0-alpha+40fefee
Diary of a Game: Day 54
Just a quick release: Make things bouncier. Use the right stick to activate the paddle shield! Bounce bullets and bombs back at other players! Yes, bombs! New w...
1 file — 0.2.0-alpha+4bf0c90
Diary of a Game: Day 51
Yikes. Well, that was a gap and a half. I’m only getting back into development following a month-long haitus over the school holidays. But today I’m happy t...
Diary of a Game: Day 21
I’ve been distracted with other duties, and have only been chipping away slowly at Gravitas. The biggest changes since my last post are: Polygonal collision s...
Diary of a Game: Day 13
Not a lot of progress today. Weekend was super busy with my daughter having an end-of-term drama performance and a family trip to a farm to harvest vegetables...
Diary of a Game: Day 10
Got camera controls working today, which involved mapping input from screen space to world space for each viewport in turn. The user can manipulate the active v...
Diary of a Game: Day 9
Got debug drawing working today for physics bodies, and then started working on a multi-camera system. I added a new Viewport component in Flecs that encapsulat...
Diary of a Game: Day 8
Well, what is it they say about best-laid plans? I went into the weekend full of vim and vigor, with a firm idea of what I wanted to achieve, and instead I woke...

A place for early-access peeps to discuss Gravitas as the game is made. Thanks for showing up :)

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Hello early access peeps, it’s great to see you here! Please don’t forget to follow us to make sure that you get our...
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