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It seems odd when an enemy is hiding underneath the person who receives the quest item.  You can't see them, but you still must defeat them before handing over the quest item.

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Mark thank you for your feedback on the game. I have updated my issue tracker and will hopefully release an update with some fixes soon.

This should hopefully be fixed in the last release.

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Sometimes your quest is to destroy a particular enemy.  That enemy may drop a collectable which cannot be picked up, because a pop-up screen forces you to the next quest.  It would be nice if the player was allowed the choice to get the collectable and gather other resources for the next quest?

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It's not documented in the Keyboard Information that your character can move diagonally.  This is very important for fleeing a fight, since the enemy cannot move diagonally.  Also it minimizes movement, which consumes food.  it's strange that the keypad does not work for movement, since it incorporates all directions.  Instead, you have to use the Home/End and Page Up/Down keys which is not intuitive.  Note: mouse-clicking doesn't allow you to move diagonally.  The convenient Spacebar can also be used for selecting items and closing pop-up messages.  Also, the Delete key can drop a selected item, which is much simpler than having to press Alt + 1-5 every time.  Finally, the F11 key can be used to toggle Window/Fullscreen.


One other undocumented shortcut is the 'Q' key, which takes the player back to the main menu.  The current game can be resumed from here, except if you quit.

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Constant text bubbles hide two of my five hearts.  So I cannot tell if they are depleted or not.  It would be helpful to press the spacebar to clear these lingering messages.

You can now press “enter” or “spacebar” or one of the controller buttons to clear messages.

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I have a Windows PC and my Logitech game controller does not work with your game.  But my controller is recognized on on my chrome browser:

Hi Mark, thanks for reporting this issue. Can you help me diagnose this as follows:

  • Do either of the analogue controllers work? They should work in the menu and the game.
  • When you press the left button on the D-Pad what is shown on Gamepad Tester?

Hi Chris,

On the Gamepad Tester website, when I press the left button on the D-pad, it looks like the first picture.

The website identifies my controller as a Logitech.

For the X-box mode, it looks like the third picture below.

The second picture is how it appears  when I press anything on the controller.

Hope that helps,


 picture below:


It would be nice if you could put on new armor without having to wait for your current armor to break. If you have even a half-point remaining, you can't use a new set until that half-point is gone.

That’s a good idea!


Any chance of adding support for controllers?


Hello, your controller should work. On Mac the D-pad didn’t work so I used the left analogue stick instead. Can you let me know if that works for you?


Nope. I have two different types of Xbox controllers (this is on a Windows PC) and neither of them work on it.

Hi, do your controllers work with on Chrome browser?

Yes, they do.

It's fixed in the current version.

Excellent, thanks for letting me know!


It's fixed in the current version.

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Hello Dev! I buy your game (linux version) but I have some difficulties to figure how to launch. I am a bit dumb! XD I can run it in a browser? Thank you!


Hi, you should be able to unpack the .tar.gz file and run smallestquest. You can do that by double-clicking it or on the command line you can do ./smallestquest. Let me know if it works for you.

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Ok, thank you! I figure what file. Now I am on ARM linux (raspberry) and so I wait for return to my AMD setup. In case you want to experiment ;-) an ARM64 version would be very popular :-)