Oakseer Dev Diary: Part 1

Announcing Oakseer

Deep in a mystic forest the druid apprentice Tris faces a new challenge. Master Myriddin has detected a great evil which threatens the land and is slowly ripping it apart. Weakened with age, Myriddin and the remaining druids must turn to Tris to complete the druid training and acquire new weapons and skills. Tris must journey to distant, hostile places and find the secrets other masters of the Order of Chaos Druids. Only having learned the spells and abilities of the ancient caretakers can Tris attempt to rid the land of evil and save it from destruction.

Ok, What?

Oakseer is a 2D action adventure game in the style of the original Zelda, with more narrative content and a more modern take on combat. What does that mean? It means you can talk to npcs, get a little bit more of a feel for characters through dialogue options, and bring the world and story to life through conversation. And instead of hitting things with your sword, combat is closer to what you'd expect from a twin-stick shooter. You shoot spells - and enemies shoot them back! There are abilities to learn, overworld areas to navigate, NPCs to meet, and dungeons to defeat. Oh, and the graphical style is based on early 8 bit systems like Spectrum, C64, and NES: a lot of single colour sprites and sprite reuse.

A twin-stick shooter Zelda with more story? Sign me up!

Ok! Oakseer releases in February for PC, Mac, and Linux. Between now and then there will be some Dev Diary entries - like this one but covering art, or music, or some aspect of programming, gameplay, or design. If you'd like to get in early, there will be opportunities to playtest free alpha versions of the game. If you'd like to hear more, you can check out The Punk Collective for links to our Discord and keep up to date with all the announcements!

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