Diary of a Game: Day 13

Not a lot of progress today. Weekend was super busy with my daughter having an end-of-term drama performance and a family trip to a farm to harvest vegetables. And the weather today was glorious, which meant I just had to go on a bike ride around the river. Not to mention the fact that I spent 4 or 5 hours fixing a production bug for the startup I work for. But I did manage to squeeze in some Gravitas work, rendering the world boundary and shiny balls of various sizes :)

Next steps will be to play around with the physics a bit more to get things moving a bit more quickly, and to integrate collision callbacks that spawn sfx. Oh, and I also need to get a proper pause mode implemented, as I think I’ve mentioned previously. That’s the goal for tomorrow, after which I should be able to focus completely on getting a fun, playable MVP up-and-running for release at the end of the week!

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