Name change and new character

Space Soup was always a temporary name. It was just a 20 second name from when this was going to be a 7 day GameJam game. Instead I thought it was fun and had potential and was worth making into something much more substantial.

So the new name I’ve finally settled on is Star Maverick 64. So cool.

Also in news, with the help of artist SaKo ( who is doing character portraits for me, I am adding an A.I. to play a central character in the game. Here is a bit of a screen test:

(I need to work on those sound effects…)

I am hoping to get a build out very soon with some more playable stuff. So anyone interested in alpha testing who doesn’t already have access to the old build please ping me an email at mailto:// . And signup to the newsletter at to see what some other punks I’m working alongside are up to.

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