Alpha Builds Shipped

Got release builds happening for Mac and Windows, which will make it possible to get some alpha testers downloading the game and providing feedback. Glad to finally have a Windows build; took the opportunity to record a gameplay video. Share and enjoy :)



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Nice one. Always puts a smile on my face to see one of the old crew doing indie game stuff.

Haha, thanks for that… maybe we should finish off our Stunt Car Racer remake next :)

Heh, good old arsepipe. I saw the logo on one of your vids the other day too. The RNG DB looks familiar... :)

Looks like someone has RE'd stunt car racer, so thats a good start.

Are you looking for alpha testers for blattix?

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Oh yeah it’d be great if you could help test the game! I’ll send you a download key. Best to use the itch app to install, as it will keep the game updated and it makes it easier to run unsigned builds. Cheers :)