Plumbing Work

New version up with various adjustments based on feedback from my alpha peeps, along with improvements to collision detection and physics.

  • Fix crash when no audio device available.
  • Look harder for connected controllers.
  • Fix rendering on retina displays? Maybe?
  • Letterbox if the screen ratio doesn’t match our ideal ratio.
  • Support chunky pixels :)
  • Improve player controls.
  • Make the bullets less of an eyesore!
  • Upgrade from Raylib 3.5 to Raylib 3.7.
  • Big refactor of collision detection logic
  • Add gravity to the bullets…

Many thanks to all who have sent me feedback, and please keep it coming!

Files 28 MB
Version 0.1.6-alpha+7f3446f May 04, 2021 27 MB
Version 0.1.6-alpha+7f3446f May 04, 2021


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