Rock On 🤘

Blattix features ten rocking tracks by Ebunny, all of which are included in the latest alpha release. The title track, “Honest Soldier”, will play by default. Smash the Tab key to transition to a different version of the melody entitled “Brave Ant Soldier” which will be used for the post-game screens.

The eight in-game tracks can be played by pressing F1 through F8 as follows:

  1. “Cyberpunk Battle”: Mid-game boss battle.
  2. “Darkness”: Fifth world, set on Mars.
  3. “Heavy Celtic Knight”: Warp stages between worlds.
  4. “Irish Punk”: Second world, set on Uranus.
  5. “Irish Rock”: First world, set on Neptune.
  6. “Old School Hero”: Final boss battle.
  7. “Pirate Metal”: Third world, set on Saturn.
  8. “Russians”: Fourth world, set on Jupiter.

Sorry for the illogical ordering there. Oh well, just sit back, close your eyes and picture yourself playing the completed game while listening to these. Enjoy!

Files 28 MB
Version 0.2.1-alpha+7d976e6 May 18, 2021 28 MB
Version 0.2.1-alpha+5ee11f4 May 18, 2021 27 MB
Version 0.2.1-alpha+5ee11f4 May 18, 2021


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