Radar Rat Race

Great day hacking away at Punk HQ with the collective. Managed to get a basic radar display working:

Quite helpful when trying to clear levels! Apart from that, the latest build features:

  • Better reflections (balls no longer transparent)
  • Bullet flash is less in-your-face
  • Improved reticle graphic
  • Debug mode can be toggled with TAB
  • Display counts for various components in debug mode

Will continue working on radar, UI and gameplay systems over the coming days. Let me know what you think!


blattix-mac-alpha.zip 28 MB
Version 0.3.3-alpha+3d5ce55 Jun 02, 2021
blattix-linux-alpha.zip 28 MB
Version 0.3.3-alpha+d561c43 Jun 02, 2021
blattix-win-alpha.zip 27 MB
Version 0.3.3-alpha+d561c43 Jun 02, 2021


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