☠️ Death Arrives

This release adds a damage component to all entities. This imparts health to metaballs, meaning that they may take multiple shots to destroy. It also means that the player now has a health bar, and can ACTUALLY DIE if it’s depleted. Bwahaha!

In practice this means that you can reach the game over screen during the course of normal gameplay. which is good. Things are slowly coming together.

Gauges have been added to the HUD to show the health of the player (on the left) and their speed (on the right). Apart from that, the following changes have been shipped:

  • Music now uses the OGG format (as opposed to MP3)
  • Better JSON generation for metaball prefabs
  • Damage causes balls to flash red (ooo-err)
  • Physics and collisions improved and optimised
  • Metaball entities can be collided with and destroyed

Coming next will be enemy AI, followed by warp levels. But time is running out!


blattix-mac-alpha.zip 28 MB
Version 0.6.0-alpha+7d2b956 Jun 20, 2021
blattix-linux-alpha.zip 28 MB
Version 0.6.0-alpha+7d2b956 Jun 20, 2021
blattix-win-alpha.zip 27 MB
Version 0.6.0-alpha+7d2b956 Jun 20, 2021


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