Diary of a Game: Day 1

Well, here we are again.

A month ago I published BLaTTiX, my first indie game. It was fun to make but hard to market. I’m sure that this is a common refrain.

For my second game I’m going to try something different… I will spend the next sixty days making it in public, and builds will be available to early-access patrons for free. I’ll write a post and update the build every day, all the way through to launch on December 1.

For today’s post, let me tell you a bit about the game I plan to make…

The Cave Flyer

Gravitas will be a “cave flyer”, or a “gravity game”. Famous examples of these include Lunar Lander, Asteroids, Thrust, Oids and Gravity Force. I’ve always loved the frantic balance of games in this genre, requiring the player to skilfully manoeuvre their craft around obstacles while pointing it in dangerous directions in order to target enemies with a blast of bullets.

Many moons ago I hacked together a tribute to Thrust for a gamejam down here in Australia. Well, twelve years have passed, so it’s time to scratch that itch properly by spending the next sixty days hard at work to make something that people will enjoy playing with their friends.

I’ve given myself a sixty-day budget to get this game done, which is not an awful lot of time. My previous game, BLaTTiX, was built in 129 days. I hope that giving myself half the time to make Gravitas will keep me focused and motivated.

Gravitas will be a local multiplayer cave flyer with various gameplay modes, offering much funtime for 1-4 players on PC, Mac and Linux.

You can help me to create it by following The Punk Collective and by joining The Gravitas Community.

A very early pre-alpha version of Gravitas will soon be available to download for free!

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